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Print subscriptions FAQs

What is Our Media Ltd.?

Our Media is a leading special-interest content business, based in Bristol. We're home to market-leading brands in craft, cycling, science and nature, homes and music. We help our audiences pursue their passions through highly trusted, original content – in print, video and online. Our much-loved brands include BBC Science Focus, BBC Wildlife Magazine, YourHome,, BikeRadar and Cycling Plus. is at the heart of our subscriptions service and the official subscription store for some of your favourite BBC Magazines, Music, Homes & Gardening, Sports, Science & Nature and Craft. Our mission is to provide customers with the best offers and discounted subscriptions around. With over 21 titles to choose from, we aim to offer a varied selection magazines to customers around the world.

My magazine and/or cover gift has arrived damaged – how do I get a replacement?

If your magazine and/or the cover gift with your subscriber copy has arrived damaged, you can contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team to organise a replacement copy if available.

When will I receive my first issue?

You can choose the first issue of your subscription when you checkout. If you are buying the subscription as a gift, you can make sure their first magazine does not arrive before a certain date. If you do not select a future date your first magazine will be the next issue available. We are unable to start a subscription for a previous issue or the latest copy on sale in shops. When you subscribe through you will receive an order confirmation email stating the date of your first issue.

When I subscribed, I was supposed to get a welcome gift. When will I receive it?

If the subscription offer you selected includes an “Added Extra” we will send it to the address of the person paying for the subscription. Our Added Extras are sent separately from the magazine and will arrive within 28 working days of your payment being processed. At the moment Added Extra items are only available for delivery within the UK.

I submitted a query on the Contact Us form but have not heard back yet

If you are waiting for a reply from the Customer Services team please check the following:

- Are you checking the correct email account which you used to submit your query?

- Have you checked your Junk folder to see if replies are in there?

We aim to reply to all queries within 72 hours, so please check your email account (including Junk Folder) after 72 hours.

Why is my latest issue missing/delayed?

Please note - current estimated UK delivery time is 7-10 days. Estimated overseas delivery time is 21-28 days. For US please allow 40 days for shipping.

If your expected issue has not arrived after waiting the advised timeframe above, you can contact the Subscriptions Customer Service team and we’ll check your address is up to date and organise a replacement copy if available. Please select ‘I have a damaged or missing issue’ at the top of the online form.

Where can I find my subscription number?

You can find your subscription number on your subscription welcome letter or email and above your address on your delivered magazine. The number is ten digits long and begins with the number ‘4’.

If you do not have this information to hand you can contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team to confirm your subscription number. Please provide your name, address, and magazine subscription to help us identify your account.

How do I change my address?

You can manage your address details and see when your next issue is due to be sent in the 'My Account' area.

You must create an account to see this information. Click here to create your account, or to log in if you have already set up your Our Media Shop account.

How do I renew my subscription?

If you have received a subscription renewal notification via post or email, or just want to extend your current subscription, you can do so easily here. There are two ways to renew – you can log in to your account and follow the simple steps, or click the ‘Renew Your Subscription’ link at the top of the page. If following the link at the top of the page, you will need your subscription number to hand. If you are the recipient of a gift subscription, you can take over the subscription by renewing through either method mentioned above. Direct Debit subscriptions renew automatically. If you have previously cancelled a Direct Debit subscription and wish to reactivate your subscription you can follow the instructions above.

When is my next Direct Debit payment due to be taken?

If you subscribe via Direct Debit payment, you can find your payment date schedule on your subscription welcome letter or email.

You can also log in to your account to see your next payment date and amount. You must create an account to see this information. You can create an account here.

If you have a query regarding a Direct Debit payment, please contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team here.

What is an introductory offer or trial subscription?

An introductory offer or trial subscription is a short-term subscription (for example, 3 issues for £5) offered to new customers only. These offers are available by Direct Debit which automatically renews to the subscription rate advertised with the offer you redeemed after the initial term. If you do not wish to continue your subscription after the initial term of issues, please contact us after you have received your first issue and we will cancel the automatic Direct Debit renewal. You will continue to receive the remaining issues available to you and then your subscription will expire.

When does my subscription end?

We will send you a renewal notification via post or email to remind you when your subscription is due to end. If you pay by Direct Debit your subscription will automatically continue to renew until we receive instruction from you to cancel.

You can check your subscription end date and remaining issues in your account. You must create an account to see this information. Click here to create your account, or to log in if you have already set up your Our Media Shop account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. To do this, please contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team.

If you are a Direct Debit subscriber, we recommend instructing your bank to cancel future payments too.

If you do not wish to receive the remaining issues of your subscription contract, we can refund you for any un-mailed issues if you notify us when cancelling. You can see how many issues you have remaining by logging into your account. You must create an account to see this information. You can create an account here.

I’m going on holiday – can I pause my subscription?

If you have a long holiday planned and would like to temporarily suspend your subscription, please contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team who will arrange this for you. Please let us know in good time and provide your stop and restart dates.

My online account is missing subscriptions

If you are missing subscriptions within your online account, you can add extra subscriptions yourself. Simply click on the '+' sign in the Manage Subscriptions section. You will need to have your subscription number to hand.

Can I change my print subscription to a digital subscription?

In most cases you can transfer your print subscription to a digital subscription. To do so, please contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team and provide your subscription number.

Digital subscriptions FAQs

When will new digital issues become available in the app?

New issues are available in your app as soon as they are published. You will need to download them from within your app. We will send you a notification when new issues are available if you have 'Notifications' turned on in your device 'Settings'.

How do I access my digital subscription purchased from OurMediaShop?

Your subscription will become active within 24 hours of your order being placed. To access your subscription, please download the App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you've opened the app, click the menu button in the top left-hand corner and select 'restore purchases'. On the 'restore purchases' page enter your subscriber number in the box under 'other purchases' and click ‘redeem’. You can find your subscriber number on your welcome email and/or letter. Once your subscriber number has been added, the most recent issue will now be available to read. You can read your digital issues live with an internet connection or download them so they are available to read offline.

How can I delete issues I have downloaded / my storage is full?

You may wish to delete issues that you have downloaded, this can help if you are running out of storage space on your device. You can view your downloaded issues by going to the Library Tab and then My Issues, from here you can toggle on ‘Downloads Only’, this will show the issues that you have downloaded, which will have a 'delete' button underneath.

Can I access purchases I made previously, or from a different device?

Purchases from OurMediaShop

To access your subscription first download the relevant app. Once in the app you will need to tap the main menu, select 'Restore Purchases' and enter your subscriber number into the 'Other Purchases' box. You can find your subscriber number on your welcome email. Your purchases will then appear in the 'My Issues' section of your library.

Purchases made on the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store

To access your purchases on a device of the same kind, download the free app on your new device using the same Apple ID or Google Play Store Account that you used to purchase your subscription and you will be given access to any purchases made under that account. You may need to restore purchases by tapping the Menu and Restore Purchases.

You can only transfer purchases on these storefronts to other devices which use them. For example, Apple purchases can be transferred to other Apple devices, however, we cannot transfer purchases made via iTunes/App Store to an Android device, or vice versa. This is because of the different systems that Apple and Google use to handle their purchases.

Do I get access to back issues with my digital subscription?

Back issues are not included in a regular subscription; you will only receive the issues published within your subscription period. Back issues are available to buy individually in the 'All Issues' section of the App, or as part of a 'Complete your collection' deal. As new issues are published you will be able to download them automatically if they are published within your subscription period, and you will then be able to maintain access to these issues as long as you have them downloaded.

Can I view my digital editions on a PC, Mac or Laptop

Unfortunately, digital editions purchased directly are only currently available via Apple or Android devices. Subscriptions through other devices may be available by other third parties such as Zinio and Pocketmags.

Can I purchase issues individually, without purchasing a subscription?

Yes! You can purchase individual digital editions of any magazine or special edition, including those from our extensive back-catalogue. These will be at a single issue price, so it may be more cost effective to subscribe.

What should I do if links/downloads aren't working?

Please initially try the following:

• Double check you have a reliable internet connection on either Wi-Fi or 4G (data charges may apply).

• Check you have enough available storage on your device - we recommend at least 500MB.

• Archive your issue and download it again.

• If nothing else works, delete the App from your device and install it again. You wont lose any of your purchases but you will need to download issues again.

If you're still having difficulties please contact us via the form here.

Will I retain access to my digital editions after my subscription term ends?

Yes! Your purchases will always belong to you. Make sure you download them to your device, so you always have access. Please note that purchases made on Apple/Android stores can only be accessed on devices of the same kind.

How can I request a refund of my digital edition purchase?


Unfortunately we are unable to directly refund purchases made through Apple. For this, you will need to contact Apple directly.

To do this, please follow these steps below:


1. Select Billing & subscriptions

2. Select Subscriptions & Purchases

3. Select View, change or cancel subscription

4. Select No, Thanks. Continue

Alternatively, you can speak to them on the phone. Please visit here to find the number for your


Google Play / Our Media Shop:

Please contact us via the form here.

Special editions & back issues FAQs

When will I receive my special edition/back issue?

Under normal circumstances we request you wait up to 10 days for the UK, 14 days for Europe, 21 days for the US and 28 days for Rest of the World. Extreme weather, postal strikes or Bank Holidays may extend the delivery time.

When will I receive my pre-ordered special edition?

Your pre-ordered special edition will be mailed out after the on sale date. You can find the on sale date in the product description of your selected special edition.

How do I buy a recent issue of one of your magazines?

Print back issues: We keep stock of the last 6 months of back issues but these are subject to availability and stocks often sell out. Please click here to check which issues are currently available.

Digital back issues: To purchase a digital back issue please download the relevant magazines app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We hold many years worth of back issues.